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Animal Friends Pet Hotel Clients
Animal Friends Pet Hotel takes special care to understand the unique needs of our clients pets and to design custom solutions that exceed expectations. 

We are proud of the work we do and would like to share these testimonials from our clients:
Laura N. & Ellie : Las Vegas, NV
Thank you Animal Friends Pet Hotel for taking such great care of our little Ellie.
While traveling from Las Vegas we had a unexpected family emergency and had to board Ellie at the pet hotel. I was worried leaving her some where strange but after seeing how clean your facility was and meeting the kind staff my worries seem to go away. When we picked up Ellie after a long 5 days she was happy, healthy and groomed adorably. I am very happy with the care that the pet hotel gave to my baby Ellie. A big thank you, you are awesome!
Pat L. & Maeve : Garden Grove, CA
Our pets are part or our families, so when we leave for vacations or business trips, we often have to make tough decisions about where our pets will stay while we are away. Most of us are very concerned about how they will be taken care of, how our cherished pets will be treated, and if they will be happy during our absence. We also worry about the "what if's" or their health. Personally, I am very picky! I want only the best for my animals. Fortunately, I've found the ideal place: The Animal Friends Pet Hotel next door to the Community Veterinary Hospital in Garden Grove. While one of the major advantages is that my veterinarian is next door, this isn't my only consideration. My dog, Maeve, is very happy there... that's the key. Maeve eagerly goes through the doors, meets and greets everyone on the staff and knows where they keep the treats! The staff know my dog and her personality. She is greeted warmly when runs through the doors. Maeve is kept busy with extra activities such as massages and splish-splash water park and comes home happy. It makes it easier knowing your pet will recieve care and attention while you are away. Everyone at Animal Friends Pet Hotel is friendly, caring and professional. Who could ask for more?
 Tracy R. & Nancy & Bettie: Corona, CA
Last year I had to leave out of town on an emergency and had never left my two dogs for more than a few hours at a time. With no one to come and stay with them my friend told me about the Animal Friendds Pet Hotel. I went to take a tour and was impressed by the warm welcome from the staff. The girls behind the counter gave me a run down on all the hotel offered, who would of thought "frozen yogurt treats" for your pets? My girls love ice cream! The boarding area was nothing like I thought it would be, the air was fresh and all the doggies seemed very happy. So this is where my dogs stayed and when I picked them up they came through he doors with the wagging tails and very happy which made me happy. As I was going out the front door the staff said  good-bye and my Bettie turned to go back inside and kiss the staff as to say thank you for the fun! I highly recommend the Animal Friends Pet Hotel!
​Brenda Y. & Coco & Momo: Anaheim, CA
My first introduction to Animal Friends Pet Hotel was in 2003 when my husband and I needed to board our cat while on vacation. Runt received royal treatment during his stay and I have been returning for all my pet related needs since. 

Later in 2003, we adopted two Cocker Spaniels sisters, Coco & Momo and I introduced them to Mary and Stephenia immediately. The sooner they become accustomed to a groomer, the less traumatic it is for both parties!
Coco amd Momo have a regular "spa day" every 4-6 weeks. I know I can count on top notch service and care at Animal Friends. My girls have been to one of the chain store groomers on occasions when an emergengy arises. Unfortunately, they don't receive the personal love and attention they get from the staff at Animal Friends.

Each year, I will have pictures taken of the girls for their birthday, Christmas or some other holiday. Mary and Stephenia are very creative and the girls respond to them so the photos look natural, not posed and the dogs look relaxed​.

I have been able to count on my friends at the Pet Hotel during thick and thin. They have boarded my girls during family emergengies, hospitalizations and vacations. Although I miss my "kids" during these times, I am comfortable knowing that Coco & Momo are being cared for just as I would care for them.....with lots of TLC!

Maria F. & Gunder, Gracie & Chloe: Garden Grove, CA

For more than 18 years, I have boarded my animals at the Animal Friends Pet Hotel. My cats and dogs have always been very well cared for, allowing me to feel comfortable to take vacations all over the world without worry. The staff at the pet hotel truly cares about the wellbeing of the animals in their care, and have given extra special care to my elderly dogs and dogs with special medical needs. They offer a variety of extracurricular activities and services for the animals including extra walks, trreats, a wading pool, pet photography, and a top notch grooming service. My animals always come home clean and beautiful! In addition, the pet hotel prices are very competitive. I would highly recommend the Animal Friends Pet Hotel.

Mark J. & Chip, Los Angeles County Sheriff

The service is second to none. They are always friendly,professional and take exceptional care of Chip. They are the only pet hotel I trust with my partner
Kathie S. & Hunter,  Huntington Beach, CA

I was originally turned onto Animal Friends by a friend Margie nearly 14 years ago when Hunter came into our life. During the past 13 plus years of relying on Animal Friends Pet Hotel to care for our baby boy Hunter while traveling.....we have never had a mishap! Hunter is usually greeted by name upon arrival for his hotel stays. I always book an extra walk per day and ask in advance for a window room....he loves the sunshine. Mary is the gal in charge and she is amazing! She bounces back and fourth between the Pet Hotel and the Community Veterinary Hospital which is directly next door to the Pet Hotel (owned by the same owner as  the pet hotel - Dr. Grant !) In case of emergency it's comforting to know that Doctor Grant and his staff is within walking distance from the pet hotel and Mary will usually personally escort our 4 legged loved one!

I have always been satisfied and pleased with the service offered at the Pet Hotel. It wasn't until December 27, 2005 that my loyalty to the Animal friends Pet Hotel changed my life forever. Sadly, we lost my father'n law and needed to make an emergency trip to Buffalo,New york. I didn't realize how crazy it is to try and find pet boarding during december on the spure of the moment. The Animal Friends Pet Hotel was completely booked and had absolutely no room available. We needed to use an alternate pet hotel. When we picked up Hunter following the funeral in Buffalo....he was distraught and his toe nails were bleeding. 
I was out of my mind to say the least! I had become so accustomed to the love and care that Hunter received at the Animal Friends Pet Hotel that I never imagained anything less.
Long story short- book your pet in advance at Animal Friends Pet Hotel!  
You will never be disappointed with the love and care your 4 legged family member will receive!
Manager since 1995, Mary and few of her golden girls
MaryAlison & Gigi, Napolean & Diva, Fountain Valley,CA

My three little dogs have enjoyed staying at the Pet Hotel off and on for six years. The seem to enjoy their accommodations, all together in one suite with their own kennel cab and hotel provided floor mat. When I pick them up they are bathed and groomed and seem quite calm and happy.
The check-in staff is friendly and efficient. Mary Thompson, the manager, knows the dogs and is aware of previous visits. She is very accommodating with any personal needs each pet may have. I feel my precious three are in caring hands and well-looked after during their stay.