Animal Friends Pet Hotel & Grooming
Call us: 714-537-4500

Animal Friends Pet Hotel is happy to administer your pets over the counter medications, vitamin supplements or prescribed medication. Please provide all medications in the original container with a visable label and instructions

Because we are concerned for your pets health and proper administration of medications and vitamins there is a small charge of $3.00 per medication or vitamin supplement per time given. All prescribed medications will be administed per label instructions only.
All over the counter medications or vitamin supplements will be at your request​.

We DO NOT administer insulin and therefore all diabetic guests will need to stay at our hospital next door 
The Community Veterinary Hospital can be reached @ 714-537-5390

Special Diets From Home
Animal Friends Pet Hotel provides high quality dry or can foods to all our guests at no additional charge 

For our canine guests a Lamb, Rice & Vegetable dry or can food is served once or twice daily per your instructions. We also have beef Pedigree can foods.

For our feline guests we offer Friskies dry and can or Fancy Feast can in several flavors, just let us know your cats favorite

Our Menu
Our canine and feline chefs are happy to prepare every dish with care to make sure our guests enjoy the best dining experience possible. There is a small charge to prepare and serve your pets personalized meals from home. Ask for details!

A microwave and refrigerator are available to assure freshness and palatability of your pets special diets