Animal Friends Pet Hotel & Grooming
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Grooming & Bathing
Your pet will recieve personalized nail care with a low speed dremel or nail trimmer.
Ear Cleaning
Healthy ears start with a good cleaning. We use a mild drying solution with cotton to remove dirt and wax.
Moisturizers, conditioners and detanglers are provided per pets special needs.
Anal Gland expession
To stop your pets from scooting across the floor!!
To avoid anal gland abcesses
Comb out / Shedding
Designer Colognes
With each bath your pet will receive a complimentary 15 minute comb out of under coat or dead unwanted fur!
​             *********************
Pets needing additional comb out time are charged accordingly. See below!
For that smell good fur friend!
Every Bath or Groom (haircutting) includes the following complimentary services!
Hydrosurge Bathing System
Brush & Massage
Your pet can take a trip to the groom room and enjoy a 15 minute personalized massage and brushing by our care givers
Additional Services Upon Request
Cats and Dogs need pedicures too! So keep your pets healthy and happy with good nail care.
No bathing required
Parasite Control
Animal Friends Pet Hotel strives in keeping your pets healthy and free of fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other skin and coat damaging parasites.
Please ask about our wide range of products that will help your pet stay happy and itch free!
Mat Removal
Tangles and mats of hair can be very uncomfortable to our pets and may harbor parasites like fleas. Mats may even be so tight and close to the skin that they irritate or tear our pets skin. 
Sanitary Trims
Sometimes our pets need a little help in staying fresh and clean around the rear area. We are happy to clip away the fur from this area to allow for a clean fresh pet. 
Comb Out (Additional)
Certain times of the year our pets will need to loose their winter fur of you may have a breed that has excessive fur all year round. This usually requires extra brushing with the right grooming tools. Our groomers are trained to help relieve your pet of that unwanted fur in order to be cool and comfortable.